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Okinawa Studies Research Guide: Municipalities

This guide to introduce you to resources on contemporary Okinawan issues.

Okinawa Prefecture Municipalities

This page provides you all municipalities' official websites and their locations in the Okinawa Prefecture. The space between the islands has not been reduced or condensed. The map below shows true distances.

In the Okinawa Prefecture, there are 41 municipalities: 11 cities, 11 towns and 19 villages.


Positional relationship of each island in the Okinawa Prefecture

Positional relationship of each island in Okinawa Prefecture


Kunigami County/国頭郡 - Located in the northern part of Okinawa Island

  • Kunigami Village / 国頭村(くにがみそん)(Japanese)
  • Ogimi Village / 大宜味村(おおぎみそん)(Japanese)
  • Higashi Village / 東村 (ひがしそん)(Japanese)
  • Nakijin Village / 今帰仁村(なきじんそん)(Japanese) English translation available
  • Motobu Town / 本部町(もとぶちょう)(Japanese) English translation available
  • Onna Village / 恩納村(おんなそん) (Japanese)
  • Ginoza Village / 宜野座村 (ぎのざそん)(Japanese)
  • Kin Town / 金武町 (きんちょう)(Japanese) English translation available
  • Ie Village / 伊江村(いえそん) (Japanese / English


  • Nago City / 名護市(なごし)(Japanese)

Miyako County/宮古郡 and Yaeyama County/八重山郡 - - Located in the Sakishima Islands, an archipelago at the southernmost end of the Japanese archipelago

Miyako County/ 宮古郡  

  • Takama Village / 多良間村  (Japanese)

Yaeyama County/ 八重山郡 

  • Taketomi Town / 竹富町 (Japanese) English translation available
  • Yonaguni Town / 与那国町 (Japanese)


Nakagami County/中頭郡 - Located in the middle part of Okinawa Island

  • Yomitan Village / 読谷村 (よみたんそん) (Japanese / English)
  • Kadena Town / 嘉手納町 (かでなちょう)(Japanese / English)
  • Chatan Town / 北谷町 (ちゃたんちょう)(Japanese)
  • Kitanakagusuku Village / 北中城村(きたなかぐすくそん) (Japanese) English translation available
  • Nakagusuku Village / 中城村 (なかぐすくそん)(Japanese) English translation available
  • Nishihara Town / 西原町(にしはらちょう)(Japanese) English translation available


  • Okinawa City / 沖縄市(おきなわし)(Japanese /English)
  • Uruma City / うるま市 (Japanese)
  • Ginowan City / 宜野湾市(ぎのわんし)(Japanese) English translation available
  • Urasoe City / 浦添市(うらそえし)(Japanese) English translation available

Shimajiri County/島尻郡 - Located at the southern part of Okinawa Island. Some islands are located on the north-west, west and far east of Okinawa Island

  • Yomabaru Town / 与那原町(よなばるちょう) (Japanese)
  • Haebaru Town / 南風原町(はえばるちょう) (Japanese / English)
  • Kumejima Town / 久米島町(くめじまちょう)(Japanese / English)
  • Tokashiki Village / 渡嘉敷村(とかしきそん)(Japanese) English translation available
  • Zamami Village / 座間味村(ざまみそん)(Japanese)
  • Aguni Village / 粟国村(あぐにそん)(Japanese)
  • Tonaki Village / 渡名喜村(となきそん) (Japanese)
  • Mimami Daito Village / 南大東村(みなみだいとうそん) (Japanese)
  • Kita Daito Village / 北大東村(きただいとうそん) (Japanese)
  • Iheya Village / 伊平屋村(いへやそん) (Japanese)
  • Izena Village / 伊是名村(いぜなそん) (Japanese) English translation available
  • Yaese Town / 八重瀬町 (やえせそん) (Japanese / English)


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