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Korean Studies: Korean Language

Resources on Korean Alphabet

Introduction to Korean alphabets by National Institute of the Korean Language: Want to know about Hangeul?

Learn to read Korean alphabets and practice improving your pronunciation: Pronunciation from National Institute of the Korean Language.

Study free on-line lessons on Korean alphabets, Korean words/verbs and some basic level grammar: Learn Korean Language.

Watch videos on Korean alphabets

Learn to read Korean by singing Alphabet songs for Kids

Learn how to pronounce Korean letters properly

Type Korean using online keyboard

Korean Language Classes at GW

Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures

Learn Korean Language at GWU:

Beginning Korean I/II

Intermediate Korean I/II

Intermediate Korean III/IV

Readings in Modern Korean I/II

Adv. Korean Conversation and Composition

Introduction to Korean Linguistics I/II

Intro to the History of Korean Language

You can also Major and Minor in Korean Language and Literature 

Resources for Beginner Level

Resources for Intermediate Level

Resources for Advanced Level

Grammar for Korean Language Learners

Books on Korean Language

Resources for Learning Vocabulary

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