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Okinawa Collection Recent Acquisitions: Music

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Okinawa Message Songs Virtual Exhibit (Generously donated by various Okinawan artists. For details, please go to News & Events page on the Okinawa Collection website)

CD jacket for CLAP HANDS!!
CD jacket for CLAP HANDS 2
CD jacket for 'Beyond' by Fumitomo Yagi
CD jacket for CAMINO by KACHIMBA1551
CD jacket for 'Challenge' by Akane Murayoshi
CD jacket for 'Freesia' by Yasuyuki Fukuda
Book cover of TEQUILAROSE by JET with SANDY
CD jacket for 'Home Party People' by Home Party People
CD jacket for KACHIMBA4~ハチャーガマク〜
CD jacket for Best Album by KACHIMBA1551
CD jacket for Okinawa Americana
CD jacket for Orange Range
CD jacket for SHOCKING MOMOIROby桃色ダイナマイト
CD jacket for Utatane by jujumo
CD jacket for かぎりある物語byアラカキヒロコ
Book cover of Moepi
Book cover of みんなのうたby吉田慎也
Book cover of Shomi kigen
Book cover of 昭和情ぶし by 知名定繁
Book cover of Naarii
Book cover of A Ray of Hope by Join to Joy
Book cover of Season in the Beach by Makoto Miyata
Book cover of Takaramono by emikutu
Book cover of 島唄レアグルーヴィン
Book cover of ウタ織イ by Kamiya Chihiro
Book cover of 南の島のクヤマ by 澤井毎里子
Book cover of 笑(うふ)の歌 by 吉田慎也
Book cover of 語いたや by 大城貴幸
Book cover of 飛〜トゥヌギ〜 by 島袋辰也
Book cover of 沖縄民謡カバーズ
Book cover of 彼女はきっとそう言うだろう by アラカキヒロコ
Book cover of HomePartyPeople
Book cover of 天加那志 by カクマクシャカ
Book cover of 我した島栄い by 島袋整孝
Book cover of 発酵する世界 by 石原岳
Book cover of SOL by Miyata Makoto
Book cover of Ryukyu Revolution by Inyaku RIo


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