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Okinawa Collection Recent Acquisitions: Okinawa Prefectural Government Publications

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Executive Office of the Governor | 知事公室

Military Base Affairs Division | 基地対策課

編集発行/ 沖縄県知事公室基地対策課

Call Number: GRC JRC UA26.J3 O367

Holding:  平成11年/1999 ~




Brochure cover Updated info on US military base isuses Most Updated "What Okinawa Wants You to Understand about the U.S. Military Basesby the Okinawa Prefectural Government

Publication date: 2018.03

Call Number: GRC JRC UA26.O53 W43 2018

1. U.S. Military Bases in Okinawa

2. Q&A about the Issue of the Relocation of Marine Corps Air Station Futenma 

沖縄の米軍基地 by 沖縄県知事公室基地対策課

Call Number: GRC JRC UA26.O53 O55

- Publish every five years
- Holdings 1993 to 2013

Department of Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries | 農林水産部

Local Regions and Remote Islands Promotion Division | 農林水産部漁港漁場課管理班

沖縄県の漁港・漁場 概要


Call Number & Holding information:: Coming soon!

< Description of the publication>

Published by the Okinawa Prefectural Government Division of Fishing Port and Grounds, these publications provide up-to-date information, graphics, and images about fishing ports, permitted fishing grounds, and fishing villages, providing insights into the development of the industry.  Electronic versions of the overviews may be found here.  

Department of Culture, Tourism and Sports | 文化観光スポーツ部

Discover Okinawa

Call Number & Holding Information: Coming soon!

Discover Okinawa is published by Be.Okinawa under the Department of Culture, Tourism and Sports.  Discover Okinawa features responsible tourism, experience, history, and art for those wanting to learn more about Okinawa.  Physical copies are available in the Okinawa Collection and their official website is available in Japanese and English.

Department of Planning | 企画部

Municipal Administration Division | 市町村課
Okinawa-ken Shicho-son Gaiyo 沖縄県市町村概要

編集/ 沖縄県企画部市町村課

発行/ (公財)沖縄県市町村振興協会

Call Number: GRC JRC JS7384.O5 O356

Holding:  平成23年/2011 ~平成31年/2019~令和3年/2020~



Local Regions and Remote Islands Promotion Division | 地域・離島課
Okinawa Rito Kankei Shiryo 離島関係資料

編集発行/ 沖縄県企画部地域・離島課

Call Number: GRC JRC HT395.J3 O387

Holding:  平成25年/20113 ~



Statistics Division | 統計課

編集発行/ 沖縄県企画統計課

Call Number: GRC JRC HT395.J3 O387

Holding:  平成12年/2000 ~

Department of Environmental and Community Affairs | 環境部

Environmental Policy Division | 環境政策課

Okinawa Kankyo Hakusho (Environmental White Paper)環境白書

編集・発行/ 沖縄県環境部環境政策課環境企画班

Call Number & Holding information: Coming soon!



Environmental Policy Division | 環境政策課


編集・発行/ 沖縄県環境部環境保全課

Call Number: TL725.3.N6 K6473

Holding Information: 2015-2020

令和元年度航空機騒音測定結果 can be access on their website.


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