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Okinawa Collection Recent Acquisitions: Islands

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Maps of Islands in Okinawa

Okinawa Islands consist of 113 islands which include:

・ Okinawa Island・ Ie Island ・ Iheya/Izena Islands ・ Kerama Islands ・Kume Island ・Kudaka Island ・Aguni Island ・Tonaki Island

Miyako Islands consist of 12 islands which include:

・ Ikema Island ・ Miyako Island ・ Shimoji Island ・Irabu Island

Yaeyama Islands  consist of 23 islands which include:

・ Yonaguni Island ・Ishigaki Island ・ Aragusuku Island ・ Hateruma Island     ・ Iriomote Island  ・ Taketomi Island  ・ Yubu Island ・ Hatoma Island

Daito Islands consist of 3 islands which include:

・Minamidaito ・Kitadaito ・Okidaito
Map Source: Wikipedia Creative Commons

Okinawa Islands

Ie Island/ 伊江島

Kume Island/ 久米島

Kudaka Island/ 久高島

Kerama Islands/ 慶良間諸島: Tokashiki, Zamami, Aka etc.

Islands in Okinawa

Yaeyama Islands

Yonaguni Island/ 与那国島

Ishigakii Island/ 石垣島

Taketomi Town/ 竹富町: Iriomote, Taketomi, Kohama, Hateruma, Hatoma, Aragusuku and Yubu, etc.

Miyako Islands

Miyako Island/ 宮古島

Irabu Island/ 伊良部島

Yaeyama Islands


Traditional Customs

Photos/ Literature

For photos and literature on Yaeshima Islands, please visit Okinawa in Photos and Okinawan Literature on the Recent Acquisition pages

Daito Islands

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