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Okinawa Collection Recent Acquisitions: Literature

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New acquisitions in Okinawa literature

The Collections of Okinawan Literature

Okinawan Authors (alphabetical order)

Eiichi Ikegami / 池上永一 (1970-)

Japan Fantasy Novel Prize in 1994 for "バガージマヌパナス"; Yamada Futaro Prize in 2017 for "ヒストリア "; 

Eiki Matayoshi / 又吉 栄喜 (1947 -)

Akutagawa Prize winner in 1996 "Buta no mukui ("The Pig's Retribution")

Shun Medoruma / 目取真俊 (1960 -)

Akutagawa Prize winner in 1997 for "水滴 (A Drop of Water)"

Tatsuhiro Ooshiro / 大城立裕 (1925~)

Akutagawa Prize winner in 1967 for "カクテル・パーティ (Cocktail Party)"

Naoki Prize Novel

Okinawan literature translated into English

Okinawan Poetry

History and Criticism

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