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US-Japan Military Base Issues: The "Okinawa Question" Project

This guide will provide help on locating both electronic and print resources related on the latest US military base issues in Okinawa.

About the "Okinawa Question" Project

The " Okinawa Question" project was launched in summer 2003 as a Japan-U.S. bilateral project to examine the changing regional security environment and its implications for the U.S.-Japan alliance. The project sought to incorporate Okinawa's perspective in considering the proper form of the U.S.-Japan alliance in the twenty-first century and the role of this alliance for Asia-Pacific security.

 (Akikazu Hashimoto; Mike Mochizuki; Kurayoshi Takara, 2013, p. 151)

Phase 1: "The Okinawa Question and the Japan-U.S. Alliance"

The Okinawa Question and the US-Japan Alliance 

by Akikazu Hashimoto (editor), Mike Mochizuki (editor), Kurayoshi Takara (editor) 

Call Number: GRC JRC E183.8 .J3 O46 2005
ISBN: 0976528304 
Publication Date: 2005/03

Phase 2: "China-Taiwan Relations, the Japan-U.S. Alliance, and Okinawa - A Realistic Examination of the Issues"

The Japan-U. S. Alliance and China-Taiwan Relations Implications for Okinawa

by Akikazu Hashimoto (editor), Mike Mochizuki (editor), Kurayoshi Takara (editor) 

Call Number: GRC JRC DS518.45 .J362 2008
ISBN: 0976528312 
Publication Date: 2008/01

Phase 3: "The Japan-U.S.-China Triangle and the Okinawa Question - Towards Security and a Shared History"


by 橋本 晃和 (編集), マイク モチヅキ (編集), 高良 倉吉 (編集) 

Call Number: GRC JRC DS891.2 .O554 2010
ISBN: 488582169X
Publication Date: 2010/03

Phase 4: "Regional Security, the Japan-U.S. Alliance, and Futenma"

The Okinawa Question: Futenma, US-Japan Alliance & Regional Security

by Akikazu Hashimoto (editor), Mike Mochizuki (editor), Kurayoshi Takara (editor) 

Call Number: UA26 .O53 O555 2013, GRC JRC UA26 .O52 O555 2013

ISBN: 9780976528326 

Publication Date: 2013/12
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