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US-Japan Military Base Issues: English-language bibliography on US-Japan Military Base Issues

This guide will provide help on locating both electronic and print resources related on the latest US military base issues in Okinawa.

English-language bibliography available in GW Gelman Library and On-line

English-language bibliography available in GW Gelman Library

English-language bibliography on Open-Access website

Regional Security Policy Division Report: Rebalance to Asia, Refocus on Okinawa: Okinawa’s Role in an Evolving US-Japan Alliance

Executive Office of the Governor, Regional Security Division Policy Division Research Section (ed.)

Publication Date: 2013

Regional Security Policy Research Reports in 2013 and 2014 are also available:

Okinawa in the Asia-Pacific Region - / - アジア太平洋地域の中の沖縄 - * All reports in English

  • 2013 (Okinawa Asia-Pacific Partnership Forum)

  • 2014 (Okinawa Asia-Pacific Partnership Forum "Peace and Security in East Asia" "Crisis Management and Regional Coorperation in Island Territories")

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