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US-Japan Military Base Issues: Government Resources

This guide will provide help on locating both electronic and print resources related on the latest US military base issues in Okinawa.

Links to Okinawa Prefectural Government

Okinawa Prefecture Logo

- Documents available in English: Resolution of Protest over various incidents caused by the U.S. military.trainings and military personnel. 

- Documents available in English: Regional Security Policy Division Report 2012-2014, Governers' speeches, Information on Okinawa's Economy etc.

* Regional Security Policy Division / 地域安全政策課 site (up to Heisei 27-nen/2015)

Related resources

Okinawa Prefectural Government Statistics

1) Okinawa-ken tokei shiryo web saito / 沖縄県統計資料WEBサイト (Japanese only)

More than 30 categories of the Prefectural statistics. Example: Population, Environment, Social Security, Family Finance, US Military-related etc.

2) Okinawa Statistical Yearbook/沖縄県統計年鑑 (Japanese only)

- Yearly statistical report on Okinawa's land, population, economy, society, education and culture.
- Including US military bases-related statistics
Printed Holdings at GW: H13nen ~ H27nen  

Ministry of Foreign Affairs North America Affairs Bureau / 外務省北米局

1) First North America Division/北米第一課 for general diplomatic policy (English/Japanese)

2) Second North America Division/北米第二課 for diplomatic policy on economy (Japanese)

3) Japan-U.S. Security Treaty/日米安全保障条約課 (English/Japanese) - Status of U.S. Forces Agreement Division/日米地位協定室 (English/Japanese)

Resources on US Military Bases

Okinawa Prefectural Government Publications on US Military Base Issues

1) Okinawa no beigun kichi (Tōkei shiryōshū) / 沖縄の米軍基地(統計資料集)

2) Okinawa no beigun oyobi jieitai kichi (Tōkei shiryōshū) / 沖縄の米軍及び自衛隊基地(統計資料集)beigun oyobi jieitai kichi (Tōkei shiryōshū) / 沖縄の米軍及び自衛隊基地(統計資料集)

Okinawa Defense Bureau / 沖縄防衛局

One of the Okinawa Defense Bureau's missions is to collect data on aircraft noise near Futenma Air Station and Kadena Air Base.

US Government Resources

US Congress/米国議会

Browse floor activities by House of Representatives and Senate, Senate's treaty documents and Congressional Record.

GAO Report to Congressional Committees

DOD Should Resolve Capability Deficiencies and Infrastructure Risks and Revise Cost Estimates
GAO-17-415: Published: Apr 5, 2017. Publicly Released: Apr 5, 2017.

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