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Video: What does Peer-Reviewed Mean?

How do articles get peer reviewed?
What role does peer review play in scholarly research and publication?

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To find out watch "Peer Review in Three Minutes" from NSCU Libraries. 

Anatomy of a Peer-reviewed, Empirical Article

Want to see what a peer-reviewed, scholarly article looks like?
Click the icon below to view a quick tutorial from Virginia Tech Libraries:

Link to Virginia Tech Library tutorial


Database Searching for Peer-Reviewed Articles

Articles from peer-reviewed journals are included in many library databases, including ERIC and Education Source.

You can limit your search results to articles from only peer-reviewed journals by selecting the "Peer-reviewed Journals" option in the "Refine Your Results" column on the left of the page. 


Question: How can I determine if an article is from a peer-reviewed journal?

There are two basic ways to find out if a journal contains articles that are peer reviewed:

1) Google the name of the journal to get to the publisher's webpage. Look for a section on the page "about this journal". If it is a peer-reviewed publication, it will proudly advertise itself as such. 

2) There is also a library database that supplies this information called "Ulrich's." Use this link to get there. Alternatively, you can access it on the library's website by navigating to "Databases" on the homepage > A-Z Database List > "U" tab and then scroll down to find " (Ulrich's Periodicals Directory)."

Something to think about: A journal can be peer-reviewed and still contain individual articles that are NOT peer-reviewed. For example, editorials and book reviews are pieces that are not peer-reviewed.

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