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Resources for educators, pre-service teachers, and researchers getting started in the field.

What's in ERIC?

ERIC is the premier database for Education.  The content is maintained by the U.S. Department of Education and consists of two types of items:

  1. ERIC Journals - articles are designated by an EJ number; GW Libraries provide full-text access to many of the journals.
  2. ERIC Documents - designated by an ED number; documents such as conference papers, technical reports, policy papers, etc...are available in full-text.

Database Search Tips

Database Search Tips

  1. Search both ERIC and Education Source simultaneously by using the "choose databases" feature
  2. Use the search terms that the database tags as "Subject Descriptors" SU
  3. The database Thesaurus can help you discover "Subject Descriptors"
  4. Use the separate search boxes for Boolean searching; separate each concept on a different line
  5. Limit results to "Peer-Reviewed" and by publication date

Searching the Thesaurus for Subject Descriptors

ERIC links to its Thesaurus of subject descriptors at the top of the database page.

ERIC Thesaurus is located in the blue toolbar


In the Thesaurus, you can browse or search through all of the subject descriptors used in the database.

Here's how:

  • Type in a term you hope to find, then click Browse.
  • When you find a subject descriptor that interests you, click it to see more information:
    •    Scope Note:  explains how ERIC is using the term
    •    Broader, narrower and related subject terms are helpful for "tweaking" your search strategy
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