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Global Resources Center GRC
Global Resources Center
Gelman Library
2130 H Street, NW
Suite 708
Washington, DC 20052
The GRC’s interdisciplinary collections include five specialized collections: the China Documentation Center (CDC); Japan Resource Center (JRC); Taiwan Resource Center (TRC); Resource Center for Russia, Eurasia, and Eastern and Central Europe (REECE); and Middle East and North Africa Resource Center (MENA). Specialists in regional and country-level studies select the GRC collections to parallel the emphasis of GWU programs and to highlight the broad themes cutting across international, regional, and country studies, including policy studies, economic and social conditions, national security, politics, conflict resolution, political psychology, international development, migration, education, cultural studies, and law.

My Guides

Central Asia
Last update: Feb 17, 2023 212 views
China Studies
Last update: Jan 25, 2023 1127 views
Last update: Mar 16, 2023 971 views
Crisis in Ukraine
Last update: Apr 4, 2022 193 views
Last update: Nov 11, 2021 45 views
Last update: Nov 11, 2021 55 views
Last update: Nov 11, 2021 65 views
Last update: Nov 11, 2021 252 views
Last update: Apr 21, 2021 25 views
Last update: Oct 28, 2021 178 views
Islamic Studies
Last update: Feb 28, 2023 159 views
Last update: Oct 28, 2021 24 views
Last update: Mar 31, 2023 3660 views
Last update: Nov 11, 2021 498 views
Taiwan Studies
Last update: Oct 14, 2022 358 views

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