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Environmental Science: Topic Specific Resources

An introduction to resources in environmental science. Including sources for background information, grey literature, data and more in multiple related fields: ecology, climate, energy, policy, economics, agriculture, oceans, etc.

Related Resources

Because environmental science is so multidisciplinary, there are many databases and sources that contain relevant and useful information that are not specifically focused on the environment. Consider the other disciplines that will be interested in your topic. For example,

  • If you are interested in ways to improve access to clean water, engineering databases might help you discover systems that have proven effective.
  • If you're looking at political or regulatory issues, you may want to search databases focused on public policy.
  • For biodiversity information, you may need to reference very early sources of information not available in most online databases.

The resources on this page are organized by topic (see contents on the left). Don't forget to search some of the environmental science-focused databases listed on the Getting Started tab.

Ecology & Biodiversity

Environmental Health & Toxicology

Ocean/Marine Environments & Water Resources

Earth & Atmosphere



Public Policy

Business & Economics

Chemistry & Engineering


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