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Open Textbooks and Resources for Faculty

A guide to exploring open textbook options as well as other open education resources for GW faculty

Creative Commons Licenses

Box with text that describes what Creative Commons is

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Box which describes the two steps for applying a CC-license to your work

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How to give attribution

A good rule of thumb is to use the acronym TASL, which stands for:

  • Title:  the name of the material (if provided)

  • Author: who owns the material?

  • Source: where did you find it? Provide the URL or hyperlink where the material resides

  • License: how can you use it?  Don't just say Creative Commons.  Name the CC license and provide a link to it

Here is a photo with a Creative Commons license.  Following it is an example of how to attribute it.

Photo of cupcakes decorated with CC

"Creative Commons 10th Birthday Celebration San Francisco" by tvol is licensed under CC BY 2.0

This is an ideal attribution because:

For more information on attribution go to:  Creative Commons Wiki

Image showing range of Creative Commons licenses from most open to least open

Creative Commons provides a range of licenses, each of which grants different rights to use the materials under them.


Use the Creative Commons license chooser to help you decide which license is best for your material.




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