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Guide to Locating Japanese & Okinawa-related Resources: Find Newspaper Articles

How to search English articles in Japanese newspapers

Japanese Newspaper Subscriptions Online

English Newspaper Subscriptions Online

Local Newspapers in Okinawa Online

  • Ishigaki Keizai Shimbun / 石垣経済新聞  (Japanese) Business & culture news in Yaeyama region
  • Yaeyama Mainichi Shimbun / 八重山毎日新聞 (Japanese) Cover all the news in Yaeyama Islands
  • Yaeyama Nippō / 八重山日報 (Japanese) One of the few conservative newspapers in Okinawa
  • Ryūkyū Shimpō / 琉球新報 (English / Japanese) Established in 1893. The oldest Okinawan newspaper. YouTube Channel
  • Okinawa Times / 沖縄タイムス(English / Japanese) Established in 1948. Okinawa Times and Ryūkyū Shimpō are the two major newspapers in Okinawa. YouTube Channel
  • Miyako Mainichi Shimbun / 宮古毎日新聞 (Japanese) Business & culture news in Miyako Island
  • Miyako Shimpō / 宮古新報 (Japanese) News on politics, economy, culture & sports in Miyako Island
  • Stripes Okinawa (English) a newpaper serving U.S. military community in Okinawa

Major Japanese Newspapers Online

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