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Ebooks at GW Libraries

Help finding and using scholarly ebooks at GW Libraries

Quick Steps For Finding E-Books

STEP 1:  Go to the GW Library homepage; In the SEARCH box, type your keyword and select the line with "Catalog" next to your search term.

STEP 2:  On the next screen, sign in with your GW credentials.

STEP 3:  Using the options on the left side column of the screen, limit to items, "Available Online"

STEP 4:  Select the title that interests you and click, "Available Online" 

Step One

Step #1: Type keyword(s) for what you are looking for and select the option to search the "Catalog"

For example, in the white search box you could type in the topic, first generation college students.  Then, click the down arrow and select GW and Consortium Catalog to get the most relevant results.

Step Two

Step #2: On the next screen, sign in with your GW credentials

The yellow toolbar prompt contains a link to sign in with your GW login.After you have signed in you will see your name in the upper right corner of the screen

Step Three

Step #3:  On the search results screen, look for the "Refine Your Results" options on the left side column and select, "Available Online."
How to refine results -  under "Availability" click "Available Online"


Optional step:  You can also limit the results to just books - scroll down the left column to "Resource Type" and select "Books"
List of resource types; select Books


Step Four

Step #4: In the list of available e-books to view online, click on the "Available Online" link beneath the title that interests you.
Click the link, Available Online

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