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Social Science Data Resources: Getting Started

This guide identifies major numeric data resources to support quantitative research in social science.

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About Social Science Data

The social sciences include disciplines like sociology, political science, psychology, education, and more. Social science data focuses on many topics, quite a few interdisciplinary. Examples of some topics are:

  • Social diversity, culture, identity
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Relationships and behavior
  • Conflict and security
  • Employment, public services, and the global economy

To learn more about searching for data please see our Data & Statistics Research Guide.

Statistical Terminology:

Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR) - Glossary

Social Science Research and Instructional Council Glossary

Common Social Science data file formats:

* .dat or * .txt - ASCII data file

* .sd2 or * .stc or * .xpt - SAS data file

* .sav - SPSS/PASW data file

* .por - SPSS/PASW portable data file

* .dta - Stata data file

* .sas - SAS program file (or called SAS setup file or SAS syntax file)

* .sps - SAS program file (or called SPSS setup file or SPSS syntax file)

*.do - Stata program file (or called Stata setup file or Stata syntax file)

Best Places to Start

GW Libraries • 2130 H Street NW • Washington DC