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News Sources

A list of on-line newspaper and television sources that provide news, analysis, and/or propaganda about the Kurdish Issue.

Multilingual Sources:

Al Arabiya (English)    (Arabic)

Rudaw (English)   (Sorani)   (Arabic)   (Turkish)

Hurriyet (English)   (Turkish)

Sources in English:

Al Monitor (English)

EKurd Daily (English)

Iraqi News (English)

The Kurdistan Tribune (English)

Today's Zaman (English)

Sources in Turkish:

Hurriyet (English)   (Turkish)

Radikal (Turkish)

TRT Haber (Turkish)

Yuksekova Haber (Turkish)

Sources in Kurdish:

TRT Kurdi/TRT 6 (Kurdish)

Note: The Kurdish media outlets listed below are banned in Turkey and/or Europe due to Turkey's claims that these outlet have connections with and/or provide propaganda on behalf of terrorist organizations. They are listed here for academic and research purposes. 

Gerilla TV (Kurdish)

Kurd Press (English)  (Kurdish)

Kurdistan TV (Kurdish)

NRT TV (Kurdish)     (Arabic)

Rejova Kurdistan (Turkish)    (Kurdish)

Roj TV (Kurdish)

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