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Taiwan Studies: History

An introduction of our comprehensive resources on Taiwan Studies.

General Information

Ming Qing Taiwan dang an hui bian. Di yi ji 明清臺灣檔案彙編. 第壹輯. Vol.1-8.
Location: GRC TRC DS 799.643 .M546 2004
Ming-Qing historical archives on Taiwan (Primary source).

Qing dai Taiwan guan xi yu zhi dang an hui bian 清代臺灣關係諭旨檔案彙編. Vol.1-9.
Location: GRC TRC DS 799.643 .Q238 2004
Archives of Qing imperial edicts on Taiwan (Primary source).

Qing gong gong zhong dang zou zhe Taiwan shi liao 清宮宮中檔奏摺臺灣史料. Vol.1-12.
Location: GRC TRC DS 799.643 .Q243 2003
Taiwan historical sources in the written reports in the Qing palace (Primary source).

Taiwan Han ren yi min shi yan jiu shu mu 台灣漢人移民史硏究書目.
Location: GRC TRC REF Z 3116 .T24 1989
Bibliography of research on the history of the Han migration to Taiwan.

Taiwan Jiho 臺灣時報. 1898 - 1945.
Access to this Japanese magazine published by the Taiwan Governor House during the Japanese colonial period. Issues included were politics, industry, trade, transportation, military, education, judiciary, police, civil engineering, technology, handicrafts and arts. Searchable in Chinese and Japanese (primary source).

Taiwan Memory 臺灣記憶系統.
Bibliographies, historical documents, pictures and images, and news reports on Taiwan history. Searchable in Chinese.

Taiwan shi yan jiu wen xian lei mu 臺灣史硏究文獻類目. 2004-
Location: GRC TRC REF Z 3116 .T248 Annual bibliographic information from monographs and journals on Taiwan history published in Chinese, English, and Japanese.

Taiwan Wenxian Congkan 臺灣文獻叢刊. Tang (唐) Dynasty - 1945.
Full text of Taiwan local histories and official documents of the Ming (明) and Qing (清) Dynasties collected in Taiwan. This covers a wide variety of dimensions of Taiwan. Searchable in pinyin and traditional Chinese (primary source).

Taiwan wen xian hui kan 臺灣文獻匯刊. Vol.1-7.
Location: GRC TRC DS 798.945 .T374 2004
Taiwan historical documents of the Ming Qing Dynasties and the Republic collected in the People's Republic of China (Primary source).

Taiwan yan jiu yao mu 臺灣研究要目.
Location: GRC TRC REF Z 3111 .H8 2006
Bibliography of important Chinese monographs published in Taiwan from 1945 to 1989 on Taiwan studies.

Taiwan yan jiu zi liao hui bian. Di 1 ji 台灣硏究資料彙編. 第一輯. Vol.1-40.
Location: GRC TRC DS 799 .A3 T45 1993
Taiwan research sources of the Qing Dynasty (Primary source).

Taiwan zu qun yan jiu mu lu 臺灣族群研究目錄.
Location: GRC TRC REF Z 5115 .H83 2000
Bibliographic information from Chinese monographs, journals, and newspapers published in Taiwan from 1945 to 1999 on the study of ethnic groups in Taiwan.

Zao qi Taiwan li shi wen xian yan jiu shu mu 早期臺灣歷史文獻研究書目.
Location: GRC TRC REF Z 3116 .Z36 2006
Bibliography of the early history of Taiwan.

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