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War in Ukraine Resources: Western Reaction and Resources

Due to rapidly changing events expect these resources to change and update as circumstances require

Western Sanctions Against Russia

Starting in March 2014, the US, the EU, and other Western countries have imposed a range of sanctions targeting the Russian economy, freezing assets belonging to particular individuals, and banning certain business transactions. The sanctions were strengthened and upgraded following the February 24, 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine.

European Union

Foreign Media Database Searches

In order to find scholarly materials on this subject go to SUBJECT DATABASES on the GWU library website. Then go to A to Z list and choose the productive databases listed below. For your searches use key words such as: EU OR European Union AND Crisis in Ukraine; Western media AND Crisis in Ukraine; Western reaction AND Crisis in Ukraine; Germany AND media AND Crisis in Ukraine; France AND media AND Crisis in Ukraine etc.

For assistance with database searching please, contact Global Resources Center librarian Mark Yoffe.

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