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Islamic Studies

Damghani Collection

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The Professor Ahmad Mahdavi Damghani Collection on Islamic Studies is held by the Middle East and North Africa Research Center. Purchased in 2015 to support GW's newly established Master’s degree program in Islamic Studies in the department of Religion, it is one of the largest Arabic/Persian collections of Shi‘i and Sunni foundational sources on Islamic law, jurisprudence, theology and exegesis in the United States. The collection is non-circulating, but it is open to all interested researchers at the Global Resources Center on the 7th floor of Gelman Library. A list of books currently processed from the collection can be found through our catalog.

Catalog Search

This catalog can be used to search for books in Gelman and other Consortium Libraries. You can search for books or journals by the title, keyword, author, subject heading and call number in English or using transliteration (see romanization guides below). Check out the Consortium Loan Service webpage for more information on borrowing from another library in the consortium.



Notes on searching in transliteration:

1. The diacritical marks (lines over letters, dots under letters, etc.) shown in the romanization tables are not necessary for searching in our catalogs. 

2. If your search starts with the prefix "al", do not include it when searching. If the "al" appears later, however, it should be included. For example, search for "Baghdadi," instead of  "al-Baghdadi," but a search for "Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi" is correct.

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