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Reading Guide for Japanese Language Students: Home

This page is designed for students who are taking Japanese courses at GW Japanese Program.

Resources for Free Online Japanese Materials While Learning Japanese Remotely

During this COVID-19 outbreak, some of the publishers have decided to release many of their books (including manga!) for free online. Here is the list:

free online site for Nihon no Rekishi (Japanese History)​小学館版 学習まんが 日本の歴史 (3月11日から4月12日まで無料公開)





ソク読み 期間限定 無料漫画コーナ

最初の一巻しか読めませんが、図書館でも人気の「ゴールデンカムイ」や、最近日本のドラマで話題になった「恋はつづくよ どこまでも」などあります。青の「無料で読む」というボタンをクリックしてください。

Hakusensha Manga Park白泉社 マンガPark




Gakken Free online library学研 春の応援ライブラリー (free online for limited time)

Gakken Publisher has released juvenile literature including Japanese history and famous Japanese literature works. 

Kodansha Publisher homepage講談社BOOK倶楽部 17際の特別教室 (free online for limited time)   * For Advanced Learners

Targeted for Japanese high schoolers, famous authors talk about how to survive at life. homepageVIZ.COM/shonenjump (limited time)

You can read Shonen Jump and watch Naruto, Sailor Moon etc.


Kadokawa Publisher Yomeruba Free online library siteKADOKAWA児童書ポータルサイト ヨメルバ (limited time)

There are more than 400 books available including Kenji Miyazawa, Ryunosuke Akutagawa, and more.

As you have heard, GW Bookstore has made a deal to offer some free e-textbooks to students, including several Top Textbooks.

  Feel free to contact me at


Visit the Global Resources Center

This LibGuide (library guide) will introduce a variety of TADOKU books that your Japanese language teachers high recommend as your out-or-classroom activities. (What is tadoku?)

Along with the TADOKU books, you will find other Japanese language books that are suitable for different levels of the Japanese language proficiency. Many of the books in our collection focus on Okinawa. GW's Okinawa Collection was established in 2015 with generous funds by the Okinawa Prefectural Government.

Most of the Japanese language books are held at the Okinawa Collection/Japan Resource Center (OC/JRC) at the Global Resources Center (GRC). It's located on the 7th floor of the Gelman Library. The GRC main room has several tables for group or individual study, and one table in the East Asia room in the center of the JRC's stacks. It's an ideal place to get in some Japanese reading.


Location of Japanese Language Books in Gelman

We are on the 7th Floor of the Gelman Library. 

Once you go inside the Global Resources Center (GRC), walk towards the East Asia Collection Room which is located all the way back of the GRC.

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