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Washington, DC Architecture

This guide will help you find information about architecture in the Washington, D.C. area.

Selected Books

This is a selected list of books regarding Washington, DC architecture. Search your style, architect, or building in the library catalog to find much more.

How to Find a Book on the Shelf

Call Numbers Books in GW Libraries are arranged by a combination of letters and numbers. Allowing us to group books by topic, rather than by title.  JZ 1305 .D74 2011 Step 1:  JZ Books are in alphabetical order by these first letters.  You’ll need to find out the JZ area. The books on the shelf will be arranged like this:  J, JA, JK, JZ. Step 2:  1305 This is a complete number. Numbers run between 1 and 9999. Don’t stop until you find JZ and 1305 together. Step 3:  .D74 The letter is put on the shelf in alphabetical order. But the number part can be weird. It’s a decimal not a whole number. The books will be arranged like this: .D13, .D224, .D5, .D654, .D74. Step 4: 2011 This number is the year of publication.

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