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Writing and Publishing A Scientific Article

This guide is being written for Introduction to Data Mining course Fall 2017.

Scientific Writing

Scientific article writing standards vary depending on the requirements of the journal, conference, or publication venue.  Commonly found elements include: 

  1. Title
  2. Abstract:  Summarize the problem, your methods, results and conclusions.  
  3. Introduction:  State the problem, why it matters, and how your research moves us forward.  Literature Reviews, which help place your research in the context of prior work,  may be included here.  
  4. Methods:  Explain what you did and why. 
  5. Results:  Present your findings in this section.  
  6. Discussion:  Analyze your results and discuss their significance.  
  7. References:  Include citations to past work which you used in preparing for your research.  Citation style will be determined by the journal where you will submit your paper.  

Often the main sections of the paper are abbreviated as IMRaD.  (Introduction, Methods, Results and Discussion)


GW Writing Center

The GWU Writing Center is available to help!  From their website:  

The University Writing Center offers members of the GW community opportunities to receive dedicated attention to their writing and research projects at all stages of the writing process. Our trained writing consultants work with writers from the first-year college experience up through post-doctorate and faculty levels. Rather than providing proofreading and editing, the Writing Center works to help the people who come through our doors strengthen their abilities as writers and to become stronger editors of their own work.

Go to their webpage to create an account and schedule an appointment.  Appointments are available in person or online.  


Books About Scientific Writing

Or search the catalog for "technical writing".  

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