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Central Asia: Azerbaijan

The Central Asia Library Guide of the Global Resources Center (GRC) is devoted to the research needs of those actively engaged in Central Asian and Eurasian Studies.


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Azerbaijan Maps

Political map of Azerbaijan     

A print collection of maps and atlases of the region are available in the Global Resources Center, suite 708 of Gelman Library.


More resources may be available acessing REECE databases in Russian. The Gelman GRC MENA collection also houses several Persian language academic journals with content on Azerbaijan.

Subject Guide

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Language help

Azerbaijani  Azərbaycanca

The official language of the Republic of Azerbaijan is Azerbaijani, or Azeri. Azerbaijani is a Turkish language.  Russian also plays a significant role in the country, and several minor languages are also spoken. For information on langauge programs for the region, see language help.

Azerbaijan textbooks and dicitonaires are available at Gelman library through the consortium.  Language help is aslo  available on Google translate

A large number of sources are available in Russian through Gelman, the consortium, and Gelman online. For historical documents in Russian, you may also search the REECE databases at Gelman.

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