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BADM 2301 Management Information Systems Technology: Research Hints

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Shmuel Ben-Gad
Gelman Library,
George Washington University,
2130 H Street, NW,
Washington, DC 20052.
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Research Help

Using Magazines and Trade Journals

  • These can be excellent sources to learn about economy-wide and industry-specific issues, trends, and statistics. 
  • They may prove useful in selecting, refining or deepening your understanding of  a topic.

Hints for Searching Databases

  • Use specialized resources from Gelman, not just Google.
  • Make sure to use Subject Headings when searching. 
  • You can find lists of Subject Headings in the Thesaurus of the database.
  • You'll find that using the terms set out by the database will refine your results list.
  • Another hint would be to start a page or research log detailing your steps.  You'll often find that one good search term will be successful across multiple databases.

Using News Sources

  • News sources are great for searching existing companies and products.
  • These are best used when you know what you're looking for.
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