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This is a short guide to introductory sources for using the R language for Statistical Computing

What is R, and what is it for?

What is R?

R is a environment and programming language for statistical computing. It features built in functions for many statistical techniques and can create very good statistical graphics. One of the great things about R is that it is an open source project, meaning that the software is free to download, use, and extend. R runs on Linux, Mac, and Windows.

What is it used for?

R's was built for statistical analyses and graphing. Because of R's extensibility scholars and practitioners in a number of fields are using R for statistics and other data related tasks. To get an idea of what people are doing with R, browse the R-bloggers site.

Resources and Tutorials

Below are suggested books, tutorials, and other resources that can help you learn and use R.

Getting Started

Download R from from its maintaining organization CRAN.

RStudio is a popular environment for R. It functions as a wrapper for the language and includes nice features like syntax highlighting and a easy to use graph and package managers. Beginners may find it a little more approachable than base R. Highly recommended for Windows users for aesthetic reasons.

The R Tutorials Series is a nice hands-on set of tutorials focusing on statistical tasks more than the mechanics of the language.

R Tutorial by Chi Yau. This tutorial begins with basic information about how R functions as a language, then quickly moves on to statistical operations such as summary statistics, working with probabilities, and regression. This abridged version is free online.

A Beginner's Guide to R. This eBook provides walk through of the R language focusing on basic tasks like subsetting data, writing functions, and graphing.

Text Analysis with R for Students of Literature. This is a good beginner's tour of R with a focus on literary analysis.

The Use R! series of eBooks from Springer provides in depth information on using R in a variety of fields. Some introductory books are included.



Extending R

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