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Korean Studies: Newspapers

Online South Korea Newspapers

  • Chosun Ilbo (조선일보/朝鮮日報) (Korean/ English)
    Major daily South Korean newspaper. - 31 January 2001 - Current

  • Donga Ilbo (동아일보/東亞日報) (Korean/ English)
    Korean political news, social issues, and international news with in-depth commentaries. - 7 June 2002 - Current

  • JoongAng Ilbo (중앙일보/ 中央日報) (Korean/ English)
    Major daily South Korean newspaper.

  • Hankook Ilbo (한국일보/ 韓国日報) (Korean)
    Major daily Sounth Korean newspaper.

  • The Korea Times (English)
    English-language daily newspaper published in South Korea on politics, the economy, foreign community, science and technology, sports and entertainment. it is a sister paper of the Hankook Daily.
    Print edition also available in the Global Resources Center

  • The Hankyoreh (한겨레)  (Korean/ English)
    A South Korean newspaper with roots in the labor movement.

  • The Kyunghyang Shinmun (경향신문/ 京郷新聞) (Korean/ English)
    Korean-language independent newspaper dedicated to investigating chaebols (conglomerates) and the government.

  • Maeil Business Newspaper (매일경제) (Korean/ English)
    Korean-language newspaper on Korean business and economy.

  • Korea IT Times (English)
    English-language IT journal in Korea that focuses on Korea's increasingly global presence within the international Intelligent Technology industry and its relationship with the international investment community.

  • Shinmoon Gage (신문가게) (Korean)
    A Korean-language online portal of most newspapers and news sources in South Korea.

Online North Korea News Sources

More Korean News Sources

  • Yonhap News (연합뉴스)  (Korean/ English)
    South Korean wire service providing international and domestic news.
  • Daily NK (Korean/ English)
    South Korean news source on all things related to North Korea.

News Sources on Korea - Gelman Databases

Korean Newspaper Databases

  • Korean Newspaper Archives (대한민국 신문 아카이브) (Korean)
    It is an integrated search platform where users can easily and promptly search and find 70 Korean newspapers including English-language newspapers; The Independent and Korea Daily News with about 2,000,000 articles published from 1880 to 1950. 
  • KINDS (Korean Integrated News Database) (Korean)
    More Korean language news articles can be found through KINDS. With KINDS, you can locate regional newspapers and select newspapers from the early twentieth century to the 1980's. Most news articles that can be found through KINDS, however, are from the 1990's forward. Search in English to find articles written in English.
  • Naver Digital News Archive (네이버 디지털뉴스아카이브) (Korean)
    Online database of the back issues of the following four major Korean newspapers. Browseable by dates and searchable by keywords.
    -Kyunghyang Shinmun (경향신문/ 京郷新聞) 1946-1999
    -Donga Ilbo (동아일보/ 東亞日報) 1920-1999
    -Maeil Business Newspaper (매일경제/ 毎日経済新聞) 1966-1999
    -The Hankyoreh (한겨레) 1988-1999
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