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What Graduate Students Need to Know

This guide points to library resources and information useful especially to graduate students.

Submission Information

What is an ETD?

An ETD is a thesis or dissertation created as an electronic document (or set of electronic documents) and is said to be “born digital”. The electronic documents that make up an ETD can be created using any popular word processing and multimedia software programs to produce multimedia animations and sounds for use in an electronic thesis or dissertation. The final product is usually converted and stored in .pdf format. The content of an electronic thesis or dissertation is the same as or similar to paper-based thesis/dissertation.

What does it means to embargo your work?

Embargoing a manuscript means you are delaying the publication of the full-text portion or body of the document for a defined period of time.  The citation information including the abstract (as uploaded to the ETD Administrator site) is displayed. The full-text of the body of the dissertation or thesis will not be displayed until the selected embargo period expires. GW policy allows for authors to select an embargo period of 6 months, one year, or two years at the time of submission to the ETD ProQuest Administrator site. 

If you are unsure whether or not to embargo your dissertation or thesis, please consult your faculty advisor.

What are the submission deadlines?

Spring Graduation:       April 1st for Dissertations
                                     May 15th for Master's Theses

Summer Graduation:   August 15th

Fall Graduation:           January 15th 

Meeting the submission deadline means:
1. You have completed all the requirements for graduation including acceptance of your electronic submission by your graduate       school.
2. You have completed the Graduation Survey and, if a Doctoral Candidate, the Survey of Earned Doctorates.
3.  It is highly recommended you submit the final, approved version of your manuscript at least one week prior to the submission deadline to allow time for the ETD Review Process to be completed.  

What is the ETD Review Process? 

How can I check the status of my ETD?

To check the status of your submission, log in to your ETD Account and click on the tab labeled My ETD.  The status is displayed as a link next to the Status field. For a detailed explanation, please click on the link. You will receive an email from your School ETD Administrator when your submission has met all requirements and has been accepted. 

Where can I find information on formatting my thesis or dissertation?

University Formatting Guidelines and Style Guides for Dissertations and Master's Theses can be found on the GW ETD website.

Have more questions about submitting your Thesis or Dissertation?

Contact you Graduate Degree Program Coordinator for questions about:

    • Submission deadlines 
    • What forms do I need to complete and when to file them with my program coordinator?

Contact the Library ETD Administrator for questions about:

    • Formatting your thesis or dissertation
    • Problems with uploading your thesis or dissertation
    • Questions about the submission/review process

Contact your thesis or dissertation advisor if you have specific questions about:

    • Embargoing your dissertation or thesis
    • The manuscript style for the body of the manuscript, references, and footnotes or end notes


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