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Gallup Analytics

Gallup Analytics

Methodology - World Poll

Gallup continually surveys residents in more than 150 countries that are home to more than 99% of the world's population, using randomly selected, nationally representative samples. Gallup typically surveys 1,000 individuals in each country, using a standard set of core questions that has been translated into the major languages of the respective country. In some regions, supplemental questions are asked in addition to core questions. Face-to-face interviews are approximately one hour, while telephone interviews are about 30 minutes. In many countries, the survey is conducted once per year, and fieldwork is generally completed in two to four weeks. The Country Data Set Details document displays each country's sample size, month/year of the data collection, mode of interviewing, languages employed, design effect, margin of error, and details about sample coverage.

Gallup is entirely responsible for the management, design, and control of the Gallup World Poll. For the past 70 years, Gallup has been committed to the principle that accurately collecting and disseminating the opinions and aspirations of people around the globe is vital to understanding our world. Gallup's mission is to provide information in an objective, reliable, and scientifically grounded manner. Gallup is not associated with any political orientation, party, or advocacy group and does not accept partisan entities as clients. Any individual, institution, or governmental agency may access the Gallup World Poll regardless of nationality. The identities of clients and all surveyed respondents will remain confidential.

Learn more about Gallup's World Poll methodology.

For more complete methodology and specific survey dates, please review Gallup's Country Data Set Details.

Requesting World Poll Data

To request a subset of the Gallup World Poll:

1. Select variables of interest to you using the Methodology and Codebook linked to above or the Gallup Poll Data Set Reference at  Remember to request core information such as country, age, and year.

2. Email the GW Data Services Librarians,, or David Ettinger,, with the name of the data set you want a subset from and the list of variables you are interested in by Variable Name.  (Note: There may be a delay if you are requesting over 200 variables.)

GW Libraries • 2130 H Street NW • Washington DC