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Gallup Analytics

Gallup Analytics

Methodology - U.S. Tracker

Gallup Daily tracking methodology relies on live interviewers and dual-frame telephone sampling (which includes random-digit-dial (RDD) list-assisted landline phone as well as RDD cellular phone sampling to reach those in cellphone-only households) and uses a multi-call design to reach respondents not contacted on the initial attempt. Gallup interviewers employ a "most recent birthday" selection method for choosing adult respondents within a landline phone household. Gallup Daily tracking includes Spanish-language interviews for Spanish-speaking respondents and interviews in Alaska and Hawaii.

The data are weighted daily to account for unequal selection probability and nonresponse by sample frame. The weights also adjust for number of adults in the landline phone household and unequal selection probability because of dual-telephone-user status. Post-stratification weights are then constructed to compensate for nonrandom nonresponse among demographic groups using targets from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's National Health Interview Survey for telephone status and targets from the U.S. Census Bureau for age, sex, region, gender, education, ethnicity by race, and population density. The resulting sample represents an estimated 95% of all U.S. households.

Data that are summarized at the state and Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) district level are weighted at each of these levels twice per year for states or once per year for MSAs to ensure that samples are representative of these areas.

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