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Paralegal Research

The Virtual Law Library

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  • Westlaw Next* 
  • NexisUni, formerly LexisNexis 
  • U.S. Government Publishing Office 
  • Other

*Note: You should have received an email from WestLawNext with a link and login information.


Federal Reporters and Digests

  • United States Supreme Court Reporters
  • Federal Reporter (F., F.2d, F.3d)
  • Federal Supplement (F.Supp. F.Supp.2d)

State Court Reporters and Digests

  • Regional Reporters
  • California Reports
  • New York Supplement

State Codes 

Secondary source books, periodicals

Legal Reference Collection

  • Encyclopedias
    • American Jurisprudence, 2d
    • Corpus Juris Secundum
  • American Law Reports, Annotated (ALR)

Federal administrative materials

Federal Statutory Law


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