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Search Tips

Top Google Search Tips

Here are some top tips to use to get even better results in Google.   These tips and more are located on Google's Tips and Tricks page


Use quotes around any set of words sought as a phrase (these words in this order). This is especially useful when searching for proper names so you don’t get results where the two words are on the page but unrelated.

Compare Gerald Ford to "Gerald Ford".

2. Find related pages

Use the related: operator to find pages that have similar content by typing related: followed by the website address. 

For example, try related:

3. Synonyms & OR

Use synonyms--try to think of several different ways that your search term or concept could be stated. Combine the terms with or. Or must be in caps or it is ignored.

Compare multicultural to multicultural OR cultural diversity.

4. Google Site Search

Did you know that with Google Advanced search you can restrict your search to just one specific site? This kind of search comes in handy when you are pretty sure the information exists on a site, but you can’t find it. To use it, enter your search tem(s) and site:sitedomain.

Compare "mla style" to "mla style"

5. Google Advanced Search

Site search is just one of the features of Google Advanced. With Advanced you can limit results by language, region, domain, and much more. The options available can really make a difference.

This list is modified from that at COM Library's 

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