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Social Media Data

This guide describes social media datasets available to the GW community, the Social Feed Manager service, and tools for analyzing social media data.

Using Social Media Data

When collecting, analyzing, and sharing social media data, it's important to be familiar with the terms of service for the platform from which you're collecting.

Social Feed Manager respects those platforms' terms as an application (TwitterFlickrSina WeiboTumblr).


Social Feed Manager provides data to you for your research and academic use. Social media platforms' terms of service generally do not allow republishing of full datasets, and you should refer to their terms to understand what you may share. Authors typically retain rights and ownership to their content.


In addition to respecting the platforms' terms, as a user of Social Feed Manager and data collected within it, you should consider the ethical aspects of collecting and using social media data. Your discipline or professional organization may offer guidance.


Here are a few articles and guidelines for deepening your understanding of the ethical considerations in social media research:

Analyzing social media

You can download data from Social Feed Manager in several formats, including: CSV, Excel, and JSON. Data dictionaries for each platform are available in the documentation. 

These formats can usually be uploaded into other analysis tools. You may need to manipulate the columns or filter the data to shape it for your analysis. Here are some command-line tools we recommend:



Guides for using jq with Twitter data:

We're available to help you work with your data. Email to schedule a consultation.

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