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CHIN 3163: Taiwanese Literature and Film: Journals

This guide introduces sources on modern and contemporary Taiwanese literature works and films.

Periodicals in TRC

TRC Periodicals

PRINT periodicals are located in the Taiwan Resource Center. For holding information on individual periodicals, go to the Gelman Library main page and search by journal title. 

Journals- Social Studies

Social Studies

China's Women (中華婦女) -- Available in Print

Chinese Cultural Renaissance Monthly (中華文化復興月刊) -- Available in Print

CommonWealth Knowledge Bank (天下雜誌群知識庫)

Global Views Monthly (遠見雜誌) -- Available in Print

Rhythms Monthly (經典雜誌) -- Available in Print

Sinorama (光華) -- Available in Print (later title: Taiwan Panorama 台灣光華雜誌)

Social Policy & Social Work (社會政策與社會工作學刊) 

Soochow Journal of Sociology (東吳社會學報)

Taipei Pictorial (台北畫刊) -- Available in Print

Taiwan: a Radical Quarterly in Social Studies (台灣社會研究) 

Taiwanese Journal of Sociology (臺灣社會學刊)

Taiwanese Sociology (台灣社會學研究) -- Available in Print (earlier title: Taiwanese Sociological Review)

Universitas (哲學與文化) -- Available in Print



Academia Historica Journal (國史館館刊) -- Available in Print

Bulletin of Historical Research (臺灣師大歷史學報) 

Bulletin of the Historical Association of the Republic of China (中國歷史學會史學集刊)

Bulletin of the Institute of Modern History Academia Sinica (中央研究院近代史研究所集刊) -- Available in Print

Cheng Kung Journal of Historical Studies (成大歷史學報)

Chung-Hsing Journal of History (興大歷史學報)

Historical Monthly (歷史月刊)

Journal of History (國立政治大學歷史學報)

Modern China (近代中國)

Taiwan Historica (臺灣文獻) -- Available in Print

Taiwan Historical Materials Studies (台灣史料研究) -- Available in Print



Academia Economic Papers (經濟論文)

Asia-Pacific Economic and Management Review (亞太經濟管理評論)

Asia Pacific Management Review (亞太管理評論)

Business Review  (文大商管學報)

Chaoyang Business and Management Review (朝陽商管評論)

Cross-Straits Common Market Foundation (兩岸共同市場基金會通訊)

Economic Development, Taiwan, R.O.C. (台灣經濟發展畫冊英文版)

Economic Outlook Bimonthly  (經濟前瞻) -- Available in Print

Economic Research (經濟研究年刊)

Hwa Kang Economic Review (華岡經濟論叢)

Journal of Agricultural Economics (農業經濟半年刊)

Management Review (管理評論)

Marketing Review (行銷評論)

Socioeconomic Law and Institution Review (經社法制論叢)

Soochow Journal of Economics and Business (東吳經濟商學學報)

Taipei Economic Inquiry (經濟研究)

Taiwan Banking & Finance Quarterly (台灣金融財務季刊)

Taiwan Economic Forum (台灣經濟論衡) -- Available in Print

Taiwan Economic Review (經濟論文叢刊)

Taiwanese Agricultural Economic Review (農業經濟叢刊)

Taiwanese Journal of WTO Studies (WTO研究)

Tamsui Oxford Journal of Economics and Business (真理財經學報)

Wealth Magazine (財訊) -- Available in Print





American journal of Chinese studies -- Available in Print

China Newsweek (中國一周) -- Available in Print

Constitutional Review (憲政時代) -- Available in Print

Cross Strait: Democratical Socialist Newsletter (海峽兩岸民主社會主義通訊)

Defense and Security Report -- Available in Print

Defense International (全球防衛) -- Available in Print

Defense Technology Monthly (尖端科技) -- Available in Print

East Asia Quarterly (東亞季刊) -- Available in Print

East Asia Studies (東亞研究) -- Available in Print

Exchange (交流雜誌) -- Available in Print

Issues & Studies (Chinese) (問題與研究) -- Available in Print

Issues & Studies (English)  (問題與研究) 

Journal of Electoral Studies (選舉研究)

Journalist, The  (新新聞) -- Available in Print

Mainland China Studies (中國大陸研究) -- Available in Print

Modern Taiwan Studies (现代台湾研究) -- Available in Print

National Policy Quarterly (國家政策季刊)

Nineties, The (九十年代) -- Available in Print

Open Magazine (開放) -- Available in Print

Policy Research (政策研究學報)

Political Science Review (政治科學論叢) -- Available in Print

Prospect & exploration (展望與探索) -- Available in Print

Prospect Quarterly  (遠景季刊) 

Prospect Quarterly (遠景基金會季刊) -- Available in Print

SOCIETAS: A Journal for Philosophical Study of Public Affiars (政治與社會哲學評論) 

Soochow Journal of Political Science (東吳政治學報) -- Available in Print

Studies in Communism (共黨問題研究) -- Available in Print

Taiwan Communique -- Available in Print

Taiwan Defense Affairs (國防政策評論) -- Available in Print

Taiwan Democracy Quarterly (臺灣民主季刊) -- Available in Print

Taiwan Journal of Democracy -- Available in Print

Taiwan Journal of Southeast Asia Studies (台灣東南亞學刊) 

Taiwan Political Science Review (台灣政治學刊) -- Available in Print

Taiwan Review -- Available in Print

Taiwan Studies (台湾研究) -- Available in Print

Taiwan Weekly (台湾周刊) -- Available in Print

Views & policies: Taiwan forum (觀點政策) -- Available in Print

大陸工作簡報 -- Available in Print

大陸情勢 -- Available in Print




新世紀智庫論壇 -- Available in Print

憲政評論 -- Available in Print

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