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Boris Nemtsov Assassination in Moscow: Boris Nemtsov murder news and analysis

On February 27th the leader of Russian opposition, a star reformer of the Soviet Union during Perestroika, and a Deputy Prime-minister of Boris Yeltsin's government, a staunch critic of Vladimir Putin was mysteriously assassinated in the center of Moscow.

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Books by Boris Nemtsov (in Russian)

Boris Nemtsov. Provintsial. (An autobiography) Gelman stacks: DK510.766.N46 A3 1997

Boris Nemtsov, Leonid Martyniuk. Zhizn' raba na galerakh: dvortsy, iakhty, avtomobili, samolety i drugie aksesuary. (Critique of Putin's corruption) Gelman stacks: DK510.766.P87 N46 2012

Boris Nemtsov, Vladimir Milov. Putin i GAZPROM. (Critical analysis of Putin's realationship with GAZPROM). Gelman stacks: HD4215.15 .N46 2008

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