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Central Asia: Language help

The Central Asia Library Guide of the Global Resources Center (GRC) is devoted to the research needs of those actively engaged in Central Asian and Eurasian Studies.

Central Asian Language Programs

Online Language Help

Transliteration Help

Transliteration and database searches

While each country in the Central Asia collection has its own language(s), much of the available online and print literature on Central Asia is in, or is derived from, material in Russian.  Names may be transliterated in a few different ways (e.g., Aleksei or Alexei); in these cases, both transliterations are acceptable and may be used in databases. For the most complete results, try different variants in your search.

TIP: For unique names like Solzhenitsyn or Limonov (as opposed to very common names like Ivanov), search only the last name of the person.

You can also search the Russian databases using a Cyrillic font. If you do not have a Russian font on your computer, try using Google translate or an online Russian keyboard, such as this virtual Cyrillic keyboard or's Russian keyboard. The GW Department of Romance, German & Slavic Languages & Literatures also has helpful information.

The Library of Congress offers a transliteration guide.

For additonal regional language help, click on a country tab above.

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