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Korean Studies: Sources by Subject

South Korea Fact Sheet

Republic of Korea

Capital: Seoul (서울)
Climate: Temperate
Currency: won (KRW)
President: Park Geun-hye (박근혜)
Literacy Rate: 99.0%
Government: Presidential republic
National Anthem:
Aegukga (애국가)
National Flag: Taegeukgi (태극기)

National Flower:
Mugunghwa / Rose of Sharon (무궁화)
Motto: Benefit broadly the human world (홍익인간) (unofficial)
Official Language: Korean (한글)
50.22 million (2013, World Bank)
Weights and Measure: Metric system
Total Area:
100,210 km2
Time and Temperature in Seoul


General References on Korea

North Korea Fact Sheet

Democratic People's Republic of Korea
Chosŏn Minjujuŭi Inmin Konghwaguk

Capital: Pyongyang (평양)
Climate: Temperate
Currency: won (KPW)
Eternal President: Kim Il Sung (김일성)
Supreme Leader: Kim Jong-un (김정은)
Literacy Rate: 99.0%
Government: Juche unitary single-party state
National Anthem:
Aegukka (애국가)
National Flag: Hongramogakbyeolgi (홍람오각별기)
Motto: Powerful and Prosperous Nation (강성대국)
Official Language: Korean (조선글)
24.9 million (2013, World Bank)
Total Area:
120,540 km2
Time and Temperature in Pyongyang


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