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U.S.-Japan Relations: Libraries & Archives

This guide provides information on journals, dictionaries, encyclopedias, databases, and other key resources for research of U.S.-Japan Relations.

Visiting Libraries in Japan

Letter of Introduction (紹介状)

Generally, national libraries, museums, and archives are open to the public. However, many national and private school libraries are only for internal partons. Some of those libraries request that you bring a letter of introduction (紹介状) from the affliated institution to access to libraries. When you plan to visit a library, please check its access polity. If the library requests a letter of introduction, the Japan Resource Center librarian can provide one for you. 

  Links to Special Libraries

Libraries and Archives in Japan

Collections of National Diet Library

National Diet Libary has a great many significant collections.  The Internet enables us to search and browse these collections without going there.

GW Libraries • 2130 H Street NW • Washington DC