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Guide to Chinese Foreign Policy: Find books

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Subject Headings & Call Numbers on Chinese Foreign Policy

If you want to do a subject heading search on books about Chinese foreign policy, use the following subject headings. Replace the "--" with the blank space

For overview or general information about China's foreign relations, use China --Foreign relations. The call number is around DS777.8 area.  

For Chinese foreign relations with a specific country, use China --Foreign relations -- the name of the country. Here are a few examples.

China --Foreign relations --Africa; Call number range: DS740.5.A3 

China --Foreign relations --Europe; Call number range: D1065.C5 

China --Foreign relations --France; Call number range: DS740.5.F8

China --Foreign relations --India; Call number range: DS740.5.I5

China --Foreign relations --Japan; Call number range: DS740.5.J3

China --Foreign relations -- Korea (North); Call number range: DS935.7.C5

China --Foreign relations -- Korea (South); Call number range: DS740.5.K6

China --Foreign relations -- Latin America; Call number range: JZ1734.A53

China --Foreign relations -- Middle East; Call number range: DS63.2.C5

China --Foreign relations --Pakistan; Call number range: DS740.5.P3

China --Foreign relations -- Southeast Asia: Call number range: DS610.47.C6 

China --Foreign relations --Soviet Union; Call number range range: DS740.5.S65

China --Foreign relations --United States; Call number range range: E183.8.C5

China --Foreign relations --Russia; Call number: DS740.5.R8

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