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Think Tanks in China: Electronic Resources on Think Tanks

A list of think tanks in China, their roles, specialties, and publications.


For more information about think tanks around the world see the following article from Foreign Policy: The Think Tank Index.


The following are some examples published in scholarly journals focusing on China's Think Tanks.

For Chinese articles you can search for articles like the ones listed below in the China Academic Journals Full-text Database. To get there please follow these instructions:

  1. Go to the Gelman Library homepage
  2. Click on Global Resources Center
  3. Click on China Documentation Center
  4. Click on Databases
  5. Click on China Academic Journals Full-text Database
  6. From there you can search for various journal articles in Chinese.

- “怎样提升中国智库?” 领导文萃,编辑部邮箱2009年14期

- “专家智库” 福建政法管理干部学院学报,编辑部邮箱2009年02期

- 杨宇时;李健; "智库模式在互联网的应用价值" 广告大观(综合版) ,编辑部邮箱2009年05期

- 王健君;韩冰; "中国需要国际化战略智库" 决策与信息,编辑部邮箱2009年07期

- 郭强; "中国最高级别智库诞生" 决策与信息,编辑部邮箱2009年07期

- 李文涛; "中国民间智库现状分析与发展建议" 商场现代化,编辑部邮箱2009年13期

- 蒋云鹤; "中国智库的瑰丽春天" 决策与信息,编辑部邮箱2009年07期

- 吴稼祥; "中国智库只是“翰林院”" 领导文萃,编辑部邮箱2009年11期

- "首次全球智库峰会将在北京举行" 中国经贸导刊,编辑部邮箱2009年11期

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