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Database Guide: Simmons OneView: Tip: Use Trends

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Use Trends

In addition to Crosstab tabulations, it is possible to find out trends over the years.

1- Click on the blue Crosstab Editor button in the upper left hand corner to re-open the worksheet.

2- Click on the blue Trend button and a pop-up window will open.

3- A pop-up will open, showing you the various studies available to you. Highlight (using the control key) the various time periods you wish to include in your trend study. Next click on the big central blue ADD arrow.


4- When you have finished adding your time periods, click on the blue OK button at the bottom. You are returned to the worksheet. If you haven’t already, you may add Column and Row variables at this point.

5- Finally, click on the blue Run Trend button in the upper right.

6- Interpret your results: The default view of your results, as indicated in the drop down menu above the results box, is Total, which means total for each item in the rows (in this example, income) for each time period. However, it is possible to change this to any item in the columns instead.

Note that the elements shown in the Trend results are different from those shown in the Crosstab results. Only the Column variable is shown. If you want to see the Trend of the Row variable, go back using the Crosstab editor and switch the Row variable to the Column.

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