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Database Guide: Simmons OneView: Step 2: Select the Column

formerly Choices 3

Step 2: Select the Column

The screen has three parts:
-- far left column - the variables/questions
-- middle column - answers to the variables/questions
-- far right columns and rows - variable/answers selection.
This is where you will build your search.

Our research question is this: How strong is the market for premium priced microbrewed beer? How many consumers with individual incomes over $75,000 per year drink 8 or more microbrewed beers a month?

1- Click on the blue "Search" tab. Select "All" and put the word microbrew in the search box. Press the blue Search button.

2- Click on the little arrow next to the folder icon BEVERAGES—ALCOHOLIC DRINKS. Then on the arrow next to the BEER—MICROBREWED.

3- Highlight the question "MICROBREWED BEER--# DRINKS LST 30 DAYS"

4- The answers appear in the center column. Drag and drop 8 OR MORE into the Columns box on the far right.

You now have your first variable in place.

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