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Database Guide: Simmons OneView: Step 1: Define the research question

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Step 1: Define the research question

Before you begin, consider the following:

1.    What is your product or brand? 

2.    What do you want to know about this product/brand?

Simmons OneView can help you develop and explore:

  • Marketing strategy : determine the target consumer group for a product
  • Advertising strategy: where is the best place to advertise to reach my target audience?
  • Product potential: how many people have habit Y? how many people buy product X? who are they?

Example: I am exploring the market potential for a new premium-priced microbrewed beer. My question might be: How strong is the market for premium priced microbrewed beer? How many consumers with individual incomes over $75,000 per year drink 8 or more microbrewed beers a month?

  • Columns - - Put consumer products in the table columns. Examples: beer, wine, brands of jeans. Generally, use columns for smaller groups of categories.
  • Rows - - Table rows can be detailed demographics or the media that potential customers may use. Examples: Age, income, attitudes, readers of 'Sports Illustrated, viewers of ESPN television, etc. Generally, use rows for larger groups of categories.

You may use either rows or columns for either type of data. But in general, try to use the columns for the smaller dataset.

SO! For our question  How many consumers with individual incomes over $75,000 per year drink 8 or more microbrewed beers a month?
 -- Our Column variable will be: Microbrewed beer consumption
 -- Our Row variable will be: Income over $75,000 per year


Examples of other research question:

  • A health-conscious group would like to put an ad in a magazine to reach college-age smokers. What magazines are  college-age smokers most likely to read?
  • I am marketing a new pizza-type product. In what magazines or on what TV shows should my ads be placed to reach pizza lovers?
  • What income groups are most likely to consume yogurt? Is there a market for premium-priced yogurt?
  • What is the best magazine to advertise in if I want to reach males who consume microbrewed beer?
  • How many people with incomes over $100,000 a year drink microbrewed beer regularly?
  • What is the size of the female market for microbrewed beer? Is it large enough to justify two separate ad campaigns?
  • Is there a regional aspect to the market for microbrewed beer? Should I concentrate my advertising in selected geographic locations?

Columns, Rows, and Bases

The screen is broken into three parts:

  -- far left column - the variables/questions

  -- middle column - answers to the variables/questions

  -- far right columns and rows - variable/answers selection. This is where you will build your search.

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