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Forensic Sciences

This guide highlights print and online sources useful for research in forensic sciences.

Journal Article Databases

Major Journals

Forensic Science International Genetics

Journal of Analytical Toxicology

Journal of Forensic Sciences
Paper: Vol. 4 (1959)-Present
Online: Vol. 17 (1972)-Present
Other: Jacob Burns Law Library, SL1: K10 .O26, 1956-Present

Forensic Science International (formerly Forensic Science and Journal of Forensic Medicine)
Paper: Vol. 2-55 (1973-92), 59 (1992)-Present
Online: Vol. 70 (1995)-Present
Other: Jacob Burns Law Library, SL1: K6 .O77, 1989-Present

Journal of Forensic Identification
Paper: Vol. 47 (1997)-Present
Electronic: 1998-Present online. Also, Issues for 1933-2003 available full text in pdf format in The Gelman Library - ask at the Reference Desk

AFTE Journal (AFTE=Association of Firearm and Toolmark Examiners)
Paper: Vol. 17-20 (1985-88), 33 (2001)-Present
Other: Library of Congress, 1980-Present

Science & Justice
Paper: Vol. 1-34 (1960-94), 36 (1996), 37 (1997)-Present
Online: Vol. 35 (1995)-Present

American Journal of Forensic Medicine and Pathology
Paper: Vol. 1-9 (1980-88), 23 (2002)-Present
Online: Vol. 17 (1996) -Present
Other: Jacob Burns Law Library, SL1:K1 .M447, 1980-Present

International Journal of Legal Medicine
Paper: Vol. 86-97 (1980-86), 114 (2000/01) -Present
Online: Vol. 110 (1997)-Present

Canadian Society of Forensic Science Journal
Paper: Vol. 34 (2001)-Present
Other: Jacob Burns Law Library, LL2: RA1057 .J68, 1983-Present

Medicine, Science, and the Law
Other: Jacob Burns Law Library SL1: K13 .E37

Forensic Science Communications
Forensic Science Communications (FSC, ISSN 1528-8005) is a peer-reviewed forensic science journal published quarterly in January, April, July, and October by FBI Laboratory personnel.



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