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Creating Accessible LibGuides

What are iFrames?

When you embed media, such as a video, Google form or search widget into your guide, LibGuides uses a "container" called an iFrame to display the media on your page. One way to make iFrames more accessible is to add a title, so the user knows what they have encountered on the page.

In the site view of a LibGuide, an iFrame will look similar to this:

In the rich text editor, though, it will look like one of the following:

iFrame example 1      iFrame example 2      LibGuide editor view of an embedded video

iFrame is missing title

How to fix it:

Method 1: Embedded video directly into text editor

This method applies when you have embedded a video into an existing content block, aka in the same box as your page content.

For each iFrame on your page (which should only ever be embedded videos), right-click on the object and select "iFrame Properties".

iFrame drop-down menu


Decide upon an informative title for the video and add this text to the "Advisory Title" field.

iFrame properties dialogue box


Method 2: Added video as a "Media/Widget" in LibGuides

This method applies when you have embedded a video by adding it as a content block to an existing box. If it is done this way, you will have added it from the following drop-down:

"Add/Reorder" content drop-down in LibGuides

If you were not the one to add it and don't know if your video was embedded this way, you can confirm this in the following way: if your box text and this video are edited separately, this method applies to you.

Click on the editing drop-down in the bottom-right of the box:

The "Media/Widget" content block with the editing menu expanded

You will be greeted with a screen that looks like the following:

The "Media/Widget" content block editing display

In the "Embed Code" section, add the following text in next to the other attributes like "width" and "height" (separated from them by a space): title="descriptive text about this video"

Then click "Save".

The "Media/Widget" content block editing display with the title attribute text added and highlighted


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